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“Bio” means life, a principle that guides all our home-building. Bio-construction is a mix of innovative technology and artisanal know-how which allow us to combine health, wellness and ecological awareness.

Natural Materials

We use all-natural materials that are treated using rigid standards to guarantee the structure’s long-standing health, energy efficiency, and safety of its patrons.
A bio-home uses state-of-the-art insulation and innovative technology to reduce energy consumption and help preserve the surrounding environment.

Installations and Technology

Our installations are both environmentally-friendly and designed to meet the requirements set by the design of the home and expectations of our clients. We employ renewable resources, natural materials and informed space management to reduce the impact of our structures on the natural balance of the domestic environment.

Comfort and well-being of the home environment

Our naturally-treated, pure materials and space management awareness help to reduce indoor pollution caused by dust, resins, and allergens.

[Let's build together with you.]

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