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A Tailor-Made <br/>Keys-in-Hand Experience
A Tailor-Made
Keys-in-Hand Experience

Are you interested in buying or renovating a house but don’t have the time and/or expertise to do so?

You can count on us.
We offer a start-to-finish, keys-in-hand experience. All you must do is tell us what you’d like and how you envision your dream home. We’ll do the rest.
From choosing where you’d like to buy or renovate to recommending top-quality exterior and interior design professionals, we’ll work with you every step of the way until we hand over the keys to your new home.
To expedite the process, we also assist our clients with filling out the necessary paperwork and obtaining the required permits.
No need to worry – we are here to make your personal dreams come true!
We will continue to provide assistance and follow-up once you’ve moved in because we believe that taking care of our clients is an added value both for them and us.

Property <br/>management

Do you have a second property and want to ensure that it will be always ready-to-go upon your arrival?

You can trust us to do the job.
Your second home is in good hands thanks to our property management service.
We’ll work with you to plan ad-hoc, personalized home management services based on your needs and expectations.
What we offer:
Weekly visits, regularly scheduled and on-call maintenance, utility inspections (including electricity, water, gas, heating, and air conditioning), indoor and outdoor cleaning and upkeep (including outdoor furniture moving), watering plants, gardening and yard work, swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.
While you’re away we can also take care of your pets, mail, and bill payments.
When you’re home, we’d be happy to provide: professional chauffeur service, babysitting, domestic help, unarmed surveillance. Not to mention: private yoga lessons, personal training, massage and salon/spa services. We also offer multi-subject tutoring for children and teens, including art and foreign language lessons. Furthermore, we can arrange catering, tours, foreign language aperitifs (in Italian, English, Spanish, German, and Russian), and bicycle rentals for our adult clients, so that they may learn and explore while having fun.
All of this from the comfort of your home.

Sales-Oriented </br>Enhancement

Do you want to sell a property but don’t know how to enhance it and exploit its potential?

We’ll take care of it.
Thanks to our experience and collaborative efforts, we’re able to formulate a project, present a rendering, and assure exact pricing for a keys-in-hand experience.
As such, we are helping sellers and buyers by reducing the time that properties are on the market and giving potential customers a quality guarantee.

Increasing value and</br> properties management
Increasing value and
properties management

Would you like to increase the value of your property and don’t know how?

We’re here to help.
We’re able to capitalize on your property’s hidden and untapped potential otherwise to enhance its its profitability.
Thanks to our real estate and legal prowess, we have helped revive and transform our clients’ properties over the years from being a burden to ensuring that the property be a profitable investment.
We start with an in-depth and wide-ranging analysis including anything the owner may tell us of value. This informs our choice of how to best use the property and available space to tap into its potential and give it new life.

Interior & exterior </br>design
Interior & exterior

Would you like to come up with original ideas that are perfectly in line with your needs and environment?

We can give you a hand!
We team up with prominent Italian and foreign designers specialized in interior and exterior architectural design. Thanks to their experience and versatility, we’re able to create afresh new and different designs and furnishings grounded in your needs and expectations.
We’ve joined forces with local artisans who create locally-sourced, curated, and unique products that marry function, comfort, safety, and durability.
Our primary goal is to satisfy your needs and expectations for your purchase as well as throughout the product’s lifetime.
Our creations are intrinsically characterized by their robustness, functionality, recyclability, and ecological awareness. We strongly believe that our products should be made keeping in mind environmental sustainability to ensure that we and future generations have a better quality of life.

[Let's build together with you.]

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